Just Living Is Not Enough...

for some. Breathtaking, the “wow” factor and “beyond the ordinary” all describe their  lifestyle and their way of living.

Our designers, architects and craftsmen bring the "wow" to every project we do. We'll take you beyond the ordinary and introduce you to breathtaking ... we promise.

It Doesn't Have To Cost You A Million To Make You Feel Like A Million!

It’s always nice to have new surroundings. It’s even better when we help you make it affordable!

The Covid Effect On Your Project

Covid Safety :  Interaction with our company requires complete Covid 19 Safety precautions per the United Staes Government and The State Of Delaware. We realize that circumstances are different and vary by  individual. However the basics must be adhered to and they include maintaining a safe distance between yourself and your family from our craftsmen. Any lengthy conversations or situations that require two or more individuals should be taken outside, continuing to maintain a safe distance. Face Masks,  hand sanitizer and access to hot water to be on site at all times.

The Supply Chain And Your Project. Needless to say, this crisis has wrecked havoc within the building industry. Your project may be affected depending on certain availability, products/materials and transportation. We have begun to see a slight improvement in this situation and are hoping things will continue to respond to the needs of the suppliers and consumers.

Inspired Design . . . Outstanding Craftsmanship

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