More COVID-19 Facts and Figures

Like everything in our world, COVID-19 has impacted home improvements, maintenance and repair projects for 2020. More than likely you are one of the many resourceful US homeowners who have shifted expenditures.

No vacation and travel? OK, we’ll redo the kitchen! Perhaps we can design a new home office and possibly even make more room to bring Mom and Dad here where it’s safe. The statistics and percentages of the effects of COVID-19 are as overwhelming as the disease itself.

Weather you want to believe it or not, this pandemic has fundamentally shifted the relationship people have with their homes. On average, the needs and percentages:

27% more outdoor living needs / 40% more home entertaining for the family / 50% more working from home / 68% more home cooking capabilities. Where does this money come from? Here are some examples:

33% of homeowners who have a commuting budget have shifted that spending pattern into their home.48% as mentioned have shifted their vacation budget into home care and improvement. Finally 52% have shifted their restaurant budgets into home services.

Now may be the perfect time for you to check into the possibilities and do a little budget shifting yourself!

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