We salute all you DIY’ers for your determination, your skill set(s) and sometimes, just how “fat” that wallet of yours truly is! Here’s what a very competent and fairly self assured homeowner thought he could accomplish over the weekend. I’ll “knock it out”, piece of cake were the assurances we heard. The following is the true story and the final result.

Pretty simple, brand new skylight, right out of the box. Cut a hole in the roof, a little flashing work and some caulk/sealant and BINGO, finished! Don’t forget you’re going to use step flashing, so you know you need some of those special “tricks” for installing it properly. Oh, another thing you need to be sure you’re prepared for is shingles! You know how to weave them and lay them for maximum waterproof protection, very important.

He was pretty sure the water all over the floor was not supposed to be a part of the results of his efforts. The soaking wet drywall and pretty pink insulation all over the kitchen countertop, cabinets and appliances not to mention the floor, were also not to be part of the “finished” look!

So, how did he get to this point? $2,250 vs $275 savings. Our quote $2,250 vs his estimated ability to save at least $275. It certainly won’t work out that way now. With us you get specialized, value added services. Not just a pile of soaking wet material.

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