Covid 19 Policy/Procedures

This information may be subject to change. Revisions regarding Covid 19 are fast and furious along with confusing and redundant. Our procedures and practices are focused on you, our valued customer and your family. Followed closely by our personnel and our subcontractors.

It goes without saying that the safe spacing guidelines can only be achieved under the most ideal conditions. Construction projects do not generally lend them selves to the room required to perform duties while maintaining a six (6) foot safe space. Every effort will be made to adhere to this guideline and we have some alternative approaches depending on your project and the requirements to bring the work to a satisfactory conclusion.

The next thing is of course masks. We and our professionals will not go without them from start to finish of the days work. Your refusal to wear this form of protection will not be tolerated.

Cleanliness and frequent hand washing are an integral piece to the puzzle on how to stay safe and well. We have taken extra steps to help mitigate the spread of the virus through surface contact, debris removed from the project site and new material and products brought to the project.

There are a whole host of other steps and procedures available to help protect everyone involved in your project. Just as we bring our best effort to bear on your project, home and surroundings, we look at our Covid 19 approach as equally important and necessary.

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