Bring The Family Home to Safety

All of the sudden, there’s very little safety in numbers. It seems the more you are around people, the greater the chance you may die. How did this country get here, to that god awful place where we have to maintain our distance from family and friends and look for escape routes from our social being to stay safe and alive.

Yes, we have a vaccine and the resistance that comes with it. New strains of this disease are appearing almost daily. Have parents in a long term nursing facility? They are a breeding ground for this virus.

There’s always room for Mom and Dad. Sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles and right on down the line. Not every situation lends itself to care at home. Not every home lends itself to caring for additional family members.

Now more than ever, we have to be aware of our surroundings and the people around us. What better place to be than surrounded by the people we love and the people that love us.

For most of us, we have worked hard and continue to work harder to have our homes, our safe haven. This is the biggest public health crisis of our lifetime. This is one of the reason why we sacrificed and maintained our homes for all these years. Bet you never saw this coming did you?

Look around your home, see where you may be able to utilize your space more efficiently and maybe make a little extra room.

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