The Home Office Dilemma

Along with the new catchphrase ‘working remotely from home’ comes the problem of finding the remotely room (?) or remote room that you have from which you can work.

Here are a couple of remote(ly) rooms. Do they resemble rooms you use for important tasks, entertaining and or watching your TV. See, not so hard to find, there it is the remote(ly) room and bonus . . . a couple of more rooms that could be turned in to remote (ly) rooms right next door. That bedroom, kitchen and yes, the bathroom in case of emergencies!

Cramp, confined and uncomfortable wouldn’t you say. Unproductive situation, tasks take twice as long to accomplish and the stress level is through the roof!

Try to relax, take a deep breath. Let us show you a true Home Office that allows you to enjoy going to work even if you never leave your remote (ly) location.

Stick around, there’s more to come!

Author: wwbuildersdesignbuild

WW Builders Design/Build Associates is a premier design/build company located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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